Custom Applications

Ultimate Cabin Container

We started with a 40′ “high cube” container. It was shortened to 34′ feet.

It has air conditioning, shower, toilet, three computer workstations, plenty of storage space, and all of the features of a fine home.

Coronado Mobile Storage will do custom containers on a time and material basis.

Custom containersCustom storage containersCabin containerInterior containerContainer homes

“Desert Sands” edition40′ container with:
• marine survey,
• six windows
• office door
• turbine vent
• interior and exterior beige paint
• $6,928.00 including sales tax but not including delivery.Most of our clients finish out containers by themselves. However, we can refer vendors who do modifications on containers.20′ container20 foot container

Office Conversion

See how a 20′ container can be modified by yourself. Here is the sequence of an office container conversion.

Office containersOffice containerContainer officeOffice containers for saleOffice container for saleContainers officeOffice storage containersContainer offices
Storage container officeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Storage container lock boxLock box:

If you want to increase the security of your storage container you may want to order a “lock box” which is used to prevent a lock from being easily assaulted by some kid with bolt cutters. Either a standard lock or a disk lock can be mounted in the lock box. A lock box costs $120.



Framed Vents:

Framed air vents are used to keep containers cooler.
They are 4″ X 12″ and are fitted with louvers and bug screens. A pair of vents will cost $155.

Vented storage containersWindow frame vents



Other Options:

Turbine roof vents

Vent in Roof/Turbine Vents:

Roof turbine vents

Vent in Roof/Turbine Vents:

12 foot roll up door

12-Foot Roll-Up Doors:

8 foot roll up door

8-Foot Roll-Up Doors:

6 foot roll up door

6-Foot Roll-Up Doors:

4 foot roll up door

4-Foot Roll-Up Doors:

One trip containers

Special “One Trip” Container shortened to 10′

Cheese storage container

Special Swiss Cheese

barred windows

Barred Windows: 3′ x 3′ window, slides open, single pane $445 Security bars for window $150

Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors:

Cargo container doors

Cargo doors mounted on side of container

Cargo container door

Cargo doors mounted on side of container

All containers have a set of two, 4′ X 8′ cargo doors mounted on the rear end of a container.• Cargo doors mounted on side of container (see photos):  Call for pricing
• Cargo doors mounted on the front end of a container: $1,650

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