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Coronado Mobile Storage provides the self storage room that comes to you!

Convenient Mobile Storage San Diego


By providing a “self-storage room that comes to you” Coronado Mobile Storage offers our clients the convenience of having their own self-storage room delivered to their home or business within San Diego County. After you load it, we will return it to our facility.

Coronado Mobile Storage has become the most efficient and effective means for people to obtain self-storage. Our clients avoid the back-breaking, wallet-emptying, logistical effort required to place goods into a normal self-storage building.

No longer are home owners forced to:

1. Drive to a rental agency and rent a truck,
2. get the truck to the house,
3. get the car back to the house,
4. load the truck,
5. deliver the truck to a self-storage building,
6. unload the truck,
7. load the self-storage building,
8. refuel the rental truck,
9. return the rental truck,
10. catch a ride back home.

Now, our clients merely need to load one time and be done with the project.

We do this by delivering garage-size, steel, ocean-shipping, cargo containers, mounted on custom-built trailers, direct to residential clients for use as self-storage spaces. After the storage containers are loaded they are returned to our facility where clients may access them.

Like most other self-storage facilities, Coronado Mobile Storage (also known by the DBA name “Convenient Mobile Storage”) operates within the terms as described in section 21700 of the California Business and Professions Code.

You make your reservation over the phone. We do not need a deposit or credit card number. You may cancel a reservation without penalty (but please let us know as soon as you have made your decision). The actual paperwork will be done at your location at the time of delivery.

Please plan on being ready to present a check to the driver of the delivery vehicle at the time the container is delivered.

• In the south portion of San Diego County the check amount will be $284.
• In the north and eastern portions of San Diego County the check amount will be $325.

This amount will cover the delivery fee and storage rent for one month as described below. Thank you.

The fee to deliver and pick up a container from the portion of San Diego County which is south of the 56 Freeway and west of the junction of Highway 67 and Interstate-8 is $49. Otherwise, the delivery fee is $110. A delivery is defined as moving the container from our location to your location and back to our location. We are proud to point out that the cost of getting a container to and from your location is usually significantly less than the cost of a rental truck or even a taxi fare.

Deliveries to downtown San Diego (defined as the area west of Interstate-5, north of the San Diego – Coronado Bay Bridge, and south of the Airport) will require an additional $25 per hour driver waiting fee. This is due to the general lack of suitable “yellow curb” parking at most high rises and the need to be able to move a container at any time as requested by an authorized official.

You may access your container at our location (2555 Main St., Chula Vista, Thomas Brothers map 1330 cell B-5) during normal working hours seven days a week. We would appreciate a couple of hours prior notice.

Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) only charges for the amount of space that you actually use.

A standard steel rental container is 20′L x 8.5′H x 8′W (160 square feet on the floor with an interior volume of 1173 cubic feet). Generally, a 20′ container can hold the entire contents of a 1,500 square foot house.

We recognize that you may not need an entire container. We also recognize that you will want to avoid both the risk of (a) not having enough storage space available on “moving day” or (b) paying for space that you do not need.

Coronado Mobile Storage Office

Therefore, our monthly rate plan is as follows:

• If you use 3/4 to all of the storage rooms (160 square feet), $235 /mo.
• If you use 1/2 to 3/4 of the storage rooms (120 square feet), $205 / mo.
• If you use 1/4 to 1/2 of the storage rooms (80 square feet), $160 / mo.
• If you use 1/4 or less of the storage rooms (40 square feet), $135 / mo.

If you do not need an entire storage space, we do not rent the remaining space to anyone else. You will have the key to the lock on the door. We will simply “pretend” that you rented a smaller storage space. We do not want the ability to access your private storage vault. And we only want to charge you for what you need.

Note: The $235 rate will be in effect until a CMS representative has an opportunity to look into the storage rooms and determine the amount of space actually used. Most clients verify the amount of space occupied with the delivery driver at the time the storage rooms is being picked up for return to our location.

The minimum combined contract for all deliveries, all rental of storage rooms, and the rental of moving blankets is $350 per container. Locks and credit card surcharges are not included.

Please budget for a 4% bank merchant recovery charge in the event you opt to pay by credit card.

 We provide clear and accurate price information. We do not charge our clients with hidden or unannounced fees such as administrative fees or sales tax. We charge by the calendar month and not by the 28 day “billing cycle.”

PARKING:  Please “lock out” at least 40 feet of legal parking space for the storage room/trailer combination. Many clients park their cars in the desired location the night before the storage room delivery to assure availability of this needed space. In most of San Diego County the maximum legal parking is 72 hours. CMS would like to remove the storage room as soon as possible after it is loaded. In some situations (like condo or apartment developments) the storage room must be removed the same day it is delivered.

HELP LOADING: We have referrals for clients who need help loading. Each of the referrals have loaded over one hundred containers for our clients.   These people are paid directly by the client, and rates will vary depending upon the description of the work.

Ashton Felix:  619-381-3998
$75 per hour for two guys, $100 for three guys. 2 hour minimum within 30 miles. 4 hour minimum over 30 miles.

Rene Gutierrez:  619-250-6766
Minimum for loading or unloading of containers starts at $150.00 for two people for the first two hours and $50 per every additional hour. Packing/unpacking rate is $25.00 per hour for supervisor and $15.00 per hour for each additional helper. Packing materials (boxes, protective wrapping, bubble wrap, etc) can be provided with prior estimate. We do offer moves outside of San Diego County by prior walk through estimate.

Dylan Carr’s “Local Motion Moving Company”:  619-435-8124
$95/hour for minimum of two men. Has own tools. Has boxes for sale.
One hour minimum in Coroando. Two hour minimum in San Deigo urban areas. Three hour mimimum in outlying San Diego county. All times start and end at the client’s location.

Joseph Bowser 619-586-0585 josephbowser@gmail.com
$50 per hour for two men with tools and dollies (4 wheel dollies) and shrink wrap. $25 per hour for each additional man. Three hour minimum. Packing and unpacking available (arrangements for packing and unpacking must be made prior to the container delivery date).  Only available on weekends.

Keith Oliver’s “Amazing Services” 619-564-0621  Moving, Hauling, Cleaning and more.  2 men @ $50 per hour,   no minimums,  no hidden fees, free shrink wrap.    AmazingServicesSanDiego@gmail.com

can help you protect your belongings and can be rented for $1 per blanket per month. We only charge for the number of blankets that you actually use. So order several dozen and return the blankets that you do not use when our driver returns to remove your storage room. You will not be charged for the blankets that you return to the driver.

If you plan on renting the container for more than five months, we offer a plan wherein you may purchase the moving pads at $8 per pad and we will buy back the pads back at $3 per pad.

WEIGHT LIMIT: The combined weight of the items you place into the container should not exceed 6,000 pounds.

GEOGRAPHIC RANGE OF SERVICE: We do not schedule lease ending deliveries to locations which are north or east of boarder check points located on the #5, #15 and #8 Freeways.

SECURITY: No client has ever reported any loss due to fire or theft at our location. You will need a padlock to secure the container after you have loaded it. Let the driver know if you want to purchase a new lock ($5). Please note that you will be asked to provide a picture ID and will be fingerprinted as part of our standard lease agreement.

In addition, most storage rooms are stored “door-to-door” at our storage facility which makes unauthorized access very difficult.3

Business Hours

Monday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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