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It’s no secret that the most frustrating and annoying part of a remodel or move is finding a place for your things. If you didn’t have stuff to move around and store, fixing up a kitchen or moving into a freshly-built house would be as simple as showing up and hanging your name on the mailbox. Without things, moving and remodeling becomes a much more manageable process. Most of us have quite a bit of belongings that we’re pretty happy to keep around. Furniture, toys, electronics, appliances and everything else that fills up a house is of vital importance; otherwise, we’d all be eating cold food and sleeping on the floor. So what exactly do you do with all this stuff when you need it out of your house temporarily, but don’t want to spend hours driving back and forth to storage facilities and spend every dollar in your pocket along the way?

At Coronado Mobile Storage, we think we’ve found the perfect solution: Portable Storage Units. Unfamiliar with the term? That’s okay; we can explain: Mobile storage is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of your storage unit being some sort of static location that demands you travel to and from it with your possessions, Coronado Mobile Storage brings the facility to you. The process is quite simple: You let us know when you need to load up your belongings, and we will bring the storage unit to your location. You pack everything up, and we take the storage unit back to our secure facility for safekeeping. Or if you prefer to keep your belongings near, we can leave the unit on the lot.

There are plenty of storage units for rent in the San Diego area , but very few that will show up at your door on your moving day and completely remove the need to travel back and forth to some random location. Mobile storage is the most convenient and cost effective method to do so.

Our promise is to make things as simple as possible and give you the best price available. We know that the last thing you need when it comes to moving or remodeling is another headache, so we’re happy to provide industry-leading customer services that focuses on your specific needs and concerns. That’s what’s so great about the mobile storage philosophy: If you are looking for storage in Encinitas , Coronado Mobile Storage is your perfect choice.

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Why Choose CMS?

Don't Rent a Truck

No longer do you have to rent a truck, load the truck, unload the truck, load the storage unit, refuel and return the truck, and get home.

Save Time & Money

Avoid the expense of renting a truck and having to load your storage unit in a single day. With CMS we deliver and you can load at your own pace.

Only Pay for Space You Use

Easily grow or shrink your storage requirements without having to move into a new unit. We only charge for the space you use.

Secure Your Belongings

Because your belongings are stored in your very own steel container, your belongings will be safe.  

Access Your Belongings

Just call ahead and you may access you belongings anytime during regular business hours.

Locally Owned & Operated

CMS has been doing business in San Diego since 1996 and remains locally owned.

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