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Coronado Mobile Storage provides the self storage room that comes to you!

Container will remain at your location during the lease period.

By providing a “self-storage room that comes to you” Coronado Mobile Storage offers our clients the convenience of having their own self-storage room delivered to their home or business within San Diego County.

•  20′ X 8′ storage containers are available.
•  $99 per month.
•  Two month minimum contract.
•  $85 Delivery fee.
•  $85 Deposit fee against future removal.
•  Therefore, budget $368 to get started.
•  After two months, we will prorate your rent to the day.

20' Storage containerPlease note:  

•  Loaded container cannot be picked up from the ground. Therefore, if you want to have your container stored at our facility it must arrive at your location on one of our trailers. Thank you.

•  Please note that unlike our competitors, there are no hidden fees. Such hidden fees include sales tax (@8.75%), insurance waiver fees (10%), administrative fees, or declaring a month to be only 4 weeks instead of an actual calendar month (8%). After you add all our competitor’s “hidden charges” you will determine that Coronado Mobile Storage is the low cost provider.

•  Our only other fee is a 4% charge in the event you choose to pay by Visa or Mastercard. Also, you may opt to rent or purchase moving pads, or purchase a pad lock, “a la carte”.
40' Steel Storage Container
•  Most 20′ containers are fitted with a lock box and two side air vents, and they are painted beige.

•  Please reserve at least 67 feet of parking space for our Class A driver to have room to safely roll the container off the back of the delivery truck.

•  There are two doors on one end of a container. Please be prepared to advise us if we should load your container onto our truck with the cargo doors facing the cab of the truck or the rear of the truck.


40′ containers are available @ $125 per month. Budget $150 for the cost of getting a container to your location, plus $150 for the cost of picking up the container at the end of the lease. Minimum contract obligation is seven months, if not purchased prior.

You may purchase the container at any time, and THE PRICE OF THE CONTAINER WILL DECREASE BY $30 FOR EACH MONTH THAT YOU HAVE RENTED IT, and by the $150 Delivery / $150 Pickup Charges.

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