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Portable Storage Units in North Park, CA

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Safe and Convenient Portable Storage Units for North Park Homes and Businesses

We provide the safest and most convenient solutions to North Park residents and business owners who need portable storage. Our model has been effective since 1996, when Coronado Mobile Storage started as a small company with big ideas. Since then, we have perfected the art of convenient storage for our customers in San Diego County. Because we provide the transportation of our storage units to and from your location, you only have to pack your belongings inside and allow us to handle the hard part.

The System that Makes Portable Storage Simple

Over the years, we realized that the hardest part for storage customers was getting their belongings in and out of a storage facility. By removing the logistical difficulties, Coronado Mobile Storage established a system that is the utmost in convenience for you. First, you decide how much you need to store. Then we deliver an appropriately sized container to your location and wait for you to load the possessions inside on your own schedule. Finally, we remove the container and bring it back to our local facility.

If you like, you can leave the container on your property for the duration of the lease. Customers who are having renovation work done on their homes often prefer this option. Instead of worrying about where you will store tools and precious belongings, you can move everything to these spacious 20’ by 8’ containers and keep your workspace uncluttered. Families hoping to keep their home feeling like a home during the renovation process choose to go in this direction.

Portable Storage Units in North Park that Are Safe, Impervious to Fire and Other Damage

Our portable storage containers are made of steel and are fireproof. The safety of your possessions is in good hands when you store items inside these containers. Whether you choose the most popular models, a larger 40’ by 8’ option or even a segment of a 20’ by 8’ container, you can be confident your belongings are safe with us.

Convenience and Low Prices in Rental or Sales

Self storage containers can be bought or rented from Coronado Mobile Storage. We will even customize a container to your specifications if you would like to set up a permanent office space complete with shower, bath and windows. Popular leasing plans include our standard pickup and delivery services. If you decide you would like to purchase the unit during a lease, we will offer you a discount based on the number of months you have leased the container. Please see our pricing pages for details.

We always invite customers shopping around to view our prices in both leasing and sales and compare them with the competition. We offer excellent value for our service and invite questions regarding every aspect of the storage transaction. With Coronado Mobile Storage, there are never any hidden fees.

Call Coronado Mobile Storage at 619-423-8645 and get the best storage at the lowest prices for portable storage units in North Park.