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Mobile Storage Units in Chula Vista

Storage Units for Homes and Businesses in Chula Vista

Coronado Mobile Storage can take the guesswork out of self storage and provide instant solutions for your home and business in Chula Vista. Whether you need space for tools during renovations or hope to eliminate clutter from your house or offices, we will bring a portable storage unit anywhere in Chula Vista and allow you the luxury of packing it in your free time. If you’d like to have the container removed, we will take it to our San Diego storage facility. You also have the option of keeping the container at your location for the duration of the lease.

The Definition of Convenience in Portable Storage

We understand the difficult parts of the storage process. Over the years, we have perfected a system that delivers the ultimate in convenience to our customers. Once you have decided on the size of the container you need, we deliver the unit to your location. After you have moved everything inside you wish to store, we will remove it and bring it to our facilities. You’ll still have access to it every day of the week. A second option is keep the container on your property for access at any hour of the day.

Buy or Lease?

It is common for our clients to inquire about purchasing storage units after using them for a few months. If you decide you’d like to own the unit, we will sell it to you with a discount added for each month of rent you have already paid. Looking ahead to the long-term future of a business is an excellent idea. These storage containers can continue to give you options as time goes by, whether you want to store office equipment, valuable records or tools. Rentals make sense if you are unsure about the length of stay you will have at your home or business.

How We Perfected Our Business

Like many successful businesses, Coronado Mobile Storage started small and honed its craft over the years. It was obvious that residents of Chula Vista needed a better portable storage solution than transporting belongings across town to a remote storage facility. We changed the way storage gets done by removing the hassle of dropping off and picking up your possessions. We handle that part for every customer and give you the choice of keeping all your items on your property or leaving them at our site, where you have complete access.

What It Means for Your Home or Office

Getting rid of the clutter is a top priority for our customers. When you use the 8’ by 20’ self storage containers that we sell and rent, you’ll see renovations become much easier – and safer for your family – when you leave the tools and equipment in a portable container. Businesses looking to keep only essential materials in the workplace can let us provide the solution today.

Call Coronado Mobile Storage at 619-423-8645 and we will deliver the best portable storage units in Chula Vista at the lowest prices in San Diego County.