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How to Reclaim Your Garage with the Help of Portable Storage Units in Lakeside

Operation garage reclamation: your mission, should you choose to accept it is to vacate your garage; reclaiming its space for car parking, tool bench building, and all other acts previously unthinkable due to the vast amounts of stuff packed to the gills.

Because why else would you leave a $20,000 car out in the elements, simply to create a little extra space for a box full of winter clothes? Or maybe it’s not a car, but something else of value that had to be sacrificed due to a garage that couldn’t even pack a peanut.

On the surface, uncluttering your garage may seem like an insurmountable task…years upon years of belongings, not only from you, but maybe your spouse, and then the things from the kids, who are growing older and collecting their own heaps of things with each day that passes.

Clearly, you need to start taking steps in the other direction. At least baby steps – a little sorting here, some packing up there. Begin to take inventory of your belongings to sort out those things that really are important to you, and those things than can be thrown aside.

But with that said, with self-storage in Lakeside and portable storage units from Coronado Mobile, it can all be important – you don’t have to make any sacrifices. Because portable storage units for rent are available for that very reason…to clear the clutter while not having to forever rid yourself of precious valuables.

We are in the business to protect your investments. Are your belongings better off packed tightly in a crowded garage, strewn about without much of a plan at all? Or, would they stand up better in a mobile storage unit – one that is fireproof and highly secure while driven back to our premises and kept under our watchful eye? And think about what a clean garage would do for your other investments – say, your car? Its paint and overall exterior – all of it is forgotten and left to the harmful elements when kept outside of your garage; but all of it’s a non-factor when your vehicle can be brought back in.

So, the next time you are faced with a crowded garage, messy room, or insurmountable mess due to all of your things and belongings, remember there is a way out – and it doesn’t have to involve throwing anything away.

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