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Reviewing the Options for Storage Units in La Jolla

If you are trying to clear space from a home or business in La Jolla, our portable storage units can solve your problems immediately. Putting your belongings into storage can be a hassle when the job isn’t handled the right way. Transportation and logistics can make simple storage jobs seem complex. The way we handle storage is different. We bring an 8’ by 20’ container to your location and allow you to pack it at your leisure. Once the packing is finished, it gets taken to our storage location in San Diego County.

Why Cargo Containers Make Sense

The use of cargo containers as storage units makes sense for La Jolla residents for a number of reasons. First, the items you are storing have probably all been inside these containers in the past – it is how almost everything is shipped before heading to warehouses and stores. Second, since the units are portable, we can do the hard part for you. Instead of worrying how you will transport goods across the city, we arrange for pickup and delivery. Third, these cargo containers are indestructible: they are fireproof, inexpensive and made of solid steel. You’ll never worry about damage to belongings.

Leave the Container on Your Location or Let Us Store It for You

One thing to consider in your decision about Coronado Mobile Storage is whether to leave the portable storage unit on your property in La Jolla or allow us to take it back to our storage facilities. If you are having home renovations done, these containers allow you to keep valuable objects protected during the job. If large tools are a part of the work, these items can be kept inside the container, out of the reach of children, so you can keep your home feeling
like a home. You decide where to put the container.

Clearing the Clutter So You Can Get to Work

Portable storage containers make sense for businesses because you can keep materials on site without stopping the regular flow of company procedures. Cargo containers can remain on your premises so you will have access to documents, tools and office equipment when you need it – without having to confront it when you don’t. If you decide to leave it at our storage facility, you’ll have access to it every day of the week.

The Convenience that Can’t Be Topped

The logistics of storing jobs often get in the way when individuals and businesses try to handle self storage using other methods. There is the hassle of getting your belongings to a storage site; there is the stress of driving the good to the storage location; you have to rent, pick up and return the storage truck; you have to fuel and often refuel the vehicle; and you will worry about damage throughout the trip. All of these cares are avoided when you let our professional team at Coronado Mobile Storage handle your storage job.

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