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Portable Storage Units in Pacific Beach, CA

Pacific Beach Self Storage

In 1996, we had an epiphany: the most difficult part of dealing with moving or remodeling is dealing with storage. Whether you’re heading to a new home, fixing up the one you have or leaving your belongings behind while you go on an extended out-of-town trip, the most complicated and time consuming part of the process is loading your stuff, unloading it at a facility, then doing it all again when you get back. It didn’t make any sense to us that storage should be such a colossal frustration. Why wasn’t there an easier way to tuck some things away for a set period of time, and then retrieve them when you need them? Why was the storage industry so stuck in the old ways of doing things?

At Coronado Mobile Storage, we have a different approach to the whole moving thing. Instead of having you bring your stuff to us, we bring our services to you. We’re one of the only businesses to offer portable storage units in Pacific Beach, allowing us to offer a new, cutting-edge way to store goods: mobile storage.

Here’s how it works: You set up a date and time that you’ll need to load your stuff. We bring the container, which you load during your designated time. When you’re done, we seal it up and either bring it back to our facility or leave it with you. Your stuff is secure, and best of all, you only have to load it and unload it once. When you’re ready to unpack, we’ll bring the portable storage unit right back to your house in Pacific Beach or anywhere else within our service area. One load session, one unload session.

Portable storage units are the ideal mix of convenience and affordability. You don’t have to rent a truck and worry about gas, parking and other inconveniences. All you have to do is pack up and get back to working on your primary task. Leave the rest to us!

We have years of experience in the storage industry, and stacks of rave reviews from customers about our storage facilities. Once you’ve tried our portable storage units, especially in Pacific Beach, you’ll never go back to the old way of doing things—it’s just so much easier to manage. Plus, your belongings can stay with you, if you want, giving you the ability to retrieve things from the container whenever you need.

Our containers are extremely safe – they’re fireproof and secure. We offer them in several sizes, and the best part is that if you’re storing the container with us, you only need to pay for the actual space you end up using. We’re proud of the flexibility we provide clients.

We’re a locally owned and operated business and one of the premiere providers of portable storage units in Pacific Beach. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions, or to get a quick quote. We’d love to hear from you at 619-423-8645.