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Taking the Stress Out of Self Storage With Portable Storage Units in La Mesa

La Mesa residents looking to free up space in your office or home can turn to us for the most convenient self storage model. Coronado Mobile Storage takes the stress and logistical hassle out of the process by bringing a portable storage container to your location and allowing you to pack it on your own schedule. Instead of worrying about how you will transport heavy objects across town, we come to you and let you pack at your convenience. Once you are finished, you can leave it on your property or we will transport it to our San Diego County facilities.

Why We Turned to the Full Service Storage Model

Coronado Mobile Storage started out as a small operation in 1996 and over the years we learned the key to helping our customers: total convenience. In a typical storage contract, clients must lug all their belongings to a location where a company holds your things. A moving van must be rented; moving supplies and insurance must be procured; you have to deal with the hours of a storage facility; and numerous other logistical nightmares complicate the procedure.

We decided to take the hard part out of the process and bring the portable storage units to our customers in La Mesa. Once they arrive on your property, you can take the time you need to load your belongings inside. When everything has been stored, you have the choice to keep it on your property for the duration of a lease or have us remove it and take it back to our storage facility. Since you don’t have to sweat about transportation, you can stay focused on what is important to you – getting the clutter out of your way and moving forward.

Option to Rent or Buy Storage Containers

Though we have a larger model, our most popular portable storage container is 20’ by 8’ and can hold the contents of a house around 1400 square feet in size. Partial rentals are also available for very small loads. Our containers can be leased for the duration of your choice or bought outright. Customers who have already taken out a lease on the storage units will receive a discount based on the number of months already paid in rent. Please see “Our Facility” link from the Rentals tab for exact amount of discount.

Safe, Affordable Portable Storage Units in La Mesa at Your Beck and Call

Everything about the Coronado Mobile Storage system is designed to make it easier for our customers to get things into storage units efficiently. If you need help in the packing phase, we have trustworthy referrals on file. Once you have your belongings inside a fireproof steel container, you won’t have to worry about security. Thefts and damage are simply nonfactors. Along with our great prices, we offer peace of mind to go along with our storage packages. We welcome you to view our competitors’ prices to see what kind of value we offer.

Call Coronado Mobile Storage at 619-423-8645 and get the best storage at the lowest prices in San Diego County.