Contractors Find Solutions with a Portable Storage Unit in San Diego

Contractors Find Solutions with a Portable Storage Unit in San Diego

Nimble, flexible, and mobile are essential traits for success in the construction business. All of that plus a money-saving solution is what you get with a portable storage unit in San Diego. Whether you are looking to reduce your warehouse space or improve onsite efficiency, a mobile storage unit is the perfect solution for contractors and construction companies. Power tools, hand tools, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, and much more can all be better organized and more conveniently stored in portable units. And of course, a customized unit makes the perfect onsite office.

Add Business Value

For the small contractor working from his or her home, a portable storage unit in San Diego is all you need to store tools and supplies in between jobs. In addition to the cost savings and flexibility, a portable unit improves security by keeping your valued tools and equipmentsafe and easily accessible at all times.

Larger contractors gain flexibility and surge capacity with cost control because the main office doesn’t need to include a sprawling warehouse. Rather than the office operating as a central clearinghouse, materials and supplies are delivered and secured directly at the job site. When business is booming, expansion is as simple as adding more capacity with another mobile storage unit in San Diego. During times of reduced storage needs, there is no reason for you to pay the fixed costsof unneeded storage space, unwanted utility bills, and unnecessary maintenance.The unneeded and unwanted all adds up to big costs at a time when revenues are down.

Protecting Your Assets

Different contractors have different requirements when it comes to storing tools, equipment, and supplies. But there are some general rules to follow that improve availability, organization, and mobility. The use of totes and bins within the portable storage has proven very useful for overall efficiency. Bins are watertight, which also keeps out the dirt, dust, and debris common on construction sites. Bins are easily organized in many ways.

Seldom used tools and supplies can be stored separately from what is needed daily. Depending on your individual needs, hand tools and power tools can be stored separately or together in commonly used combinations. Daily requirements can be prepackaged for easy loading onto trucks in the morning or to the location where needed on larger job sites.

Bins separate electrical, plumbing, painting, and other supplies into easy to identify containers. Bins can be used to manage supplies used on a first-in, first-out basis, or grouped by suppliers, or by daily tasks, or whatever your changing needs might be. A portable storage unit in San Diego can even be climate controlled if need be.

Coronado Mobile Storage Comes to You!

We offer 30 convenient service locations where you can view and discuss the many solutions we offer contractors.We do offer our own onsite storage at our Chula Vista storage location if that meets your needs. The real convenience is the portability of having the unit delivered directly to the preferred location. As we know flexibility and mobility is the name of the game for most contractors.

Our goal is to make accessing your items as simple as possible by ensuring you aren’t wasting valuable time by searching for or retrieving necessary equipment. The “portable” in portable storage is all about your convenience and more… To experience this convenience and flexibility, consider beginning with a low-cost rental storage unit that you can later decide to purchase at any time.

Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) is your readily available and practical storage solution offering the best customer service in San Diego and surrounding areas. Whether it’s for your business or personal needs, your belongings will remain safe with CMS fire-proof and highly durable containers.

Looking for premium storage rentals in San Diego? Coronado Mobile Storage offers mobile storage units with fast delivery and affordable prices. For further information or a free quote please contact CMS at 619.423.8645 or visit to learn more.