Your Buyer’s Guide to Storage Containers for Sale

Storage Containers for sale

Shipping containers are sturdy and durable and can be utilized for a wide range of purposes and applications. Used storage containers for sale from the industry professionals at Coronado Mobile Storage are ideal for everything from commercial workspaces to extra storage for your home or office.

A portable storage container serves a variety of uses for storage and other business or personal applications. Before buying a storage container it is important to know its condition, history, and features. The following can be used as a guide to make sure you are a getting the right shipping container for your needs and preferences.


Storage containers are most commonly either 20-feet or 40-feet long. Both are usually eight feet wide. Since the standards for shipping containers are set by the International Standards Organization to ensure easy stacking and transporting, all storage containers for sale at Coronado Mobile Storage are the same size and quality. Custom-sized and shaped containers may also be available and typically cost more than the standard sizes.


One of the best features of industrial storage containers for sale is that they are designed to withstand the most severe and harshest conditions they can encounter during transports across oceans. Shipping containers are classified into three grades based on their use:

  • One trip or single haul: These containers have literally made only their maiden voyage before being put up for sale. They are likely to be in great condition.
  • As is: Typically in decent condition, these containers can begin to show some wear and tear. Containers that sold as-is should be carefully inspected for any serious damage or wear.
  • Dangerous goods: Shipping containers are often used to transport hazardous waste, chemicals, or other potentially harmful cargo. It is recommended that this grade of container be used only for the same purpose.


Factors that can have an impact on the condition of a storage container include what it previously carried, where did it travel to and from, and what kind of repairs have been made to it over the years.


Some storage containers for sale may include a variety of features, functions, and accessories, such as:

  • Windows
  • Shelves
  • Flooring
  • Multiple entry points
  • Locking and security systems

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