Portable Storage Units in San Diego Have Even More Creative Solutions for Business

Portable Storage Unit in San Diego


If you are considering moving your business due to lack of space, first consider the simpler and less expensive approach, storage units in San Diego. Portable storage units in San Diego can provide cost-effective and convenient solutions for many types of businesses such as event planners, construction companies, repair service part storage, seasonal retail, and many other business types.

Whether your need for more business space is related to clutter or COVID-19 social distancing, Coronado Mobile Storage can increase your business space effectively and inexpensively. Whether you have a small online business, a retail store, a corporate office, or any other kind of business, we help you save money and better satisfy customers while also reducing stress on yourself and staff.

A big incentive is that Coronado Mobile Storage comes to you. Whether you need the container stored at our facility or want to keep it at your location, the first step is delivering the container directly to you.

If you need a work area for assembly or fabrication, using storage units in San Diego keeps the mess, noise, and hazards from overflowing into the office, parking lot, and areas that customers access. Handymen and mechanics use portable containers for repair jobs and side projects efficiently.

There are many other reasons to utilize a Coronado Mobile Storage unit:

  • Seasonal inventory.
  • Protection from unexpected loss – sudden hurricane, flood, or another natural disaster.
  • Video studio for social media productions.
  • On-site inventory storage at a trade show.
  • Create temporary customer meeting space in the office during tax time or other peak needs.
  • Whichever you can imagine will make business space easier for you, your staff, and your customers.

Portable storage units from Coronado Mobile Storage are secure, weatherproof, and available on demand. We drop off and pick up the unit at your convenience. Rent for as long or as short of time as fits your needs. Coronado Mobile Storage units are here so you can grow beyond your current space without sacrificing time and money.

Please check out our 30 convenient service locations for full support, where you can view and discuss the many convenient and flexible solutions we provide. For all inquiries and /or for a no obligation quote please contact CMS at 619.423.8645 or visit www.CoronadoMobileStorage.com for further information.