The Importance of the Right Equipment and Materials for Safe Storage

Portable storage Units in San Diego

When packing up your belongings for transport or long-term storage, it is worth the investment in high-quality packing materials and equipment to protect your most valuable items.

Packing Material

Before being placed in boxes or other storage containers, your belongings will need to be properly wrapped and padded. Packing paper or newspaper can be used to wrap individual items, with bubble wrap and packing peanuts creating cushion and space between pieces. Padding will provide added protection for your most valuable items. Lining the container with towels, bubble wrap, or even old t-shirts will soften the impact, if any, during the transition to a storage facility or new destination.

Storage Containers

There is a wide range of options for stronger and more durable containers as an alternative to typical cardboard boxes. Plastic containers offer more protection from outside elements, and liquor boxes with cells are ideal for the transport and storage of glasses.

Sorting and Storing Dishes

Dishes will be safer and easier to unpack if they are sorted by type of item such as plates, cups, bowls, and glasses. Each set of dishes should also be packed separately to keep them more stable and better organized. Organizing your dishes is a great time to assess your collections and make some decisions about what to keep and what to sell or give away.

The way you place your dishes in the storage container will go a long way in determining their safety, especially for long-term storage.


Labeling all boxes and containers with as much information as possible will help to keep your move as organized as possible. Clearly identify the contents on the top and multiple sides and include the word “FRAGILE” for the most delicate items.


When loading your storage units in San Diego from Coronado Mobile Storage, the heaviest boxes /containers should be stacked at the bottom and the most fragile and valuable at the top. Try to keep the same-sized and shaped boxes together and avoid stacking too many containers on top of one another.

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