Portable storage Units in San Diego

The Importance of the Right Equipment and Materials for Safe Storage

When packing up your belongings for transport or long-term storage, it is worth the investment in high-quality packing materials and equipment to protect your most valuable items. Packing Material Before being placed in boxes or other storage containers, your belongings […]

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mobile storage units in San Diego

Storage Unit in San Diego is Both a Short and Long Term Solution

Storage solutions are tremendously popular for many very good reasons. Tremendous flexibility at a low cost is the main reason that people flock to storage units as the solution to their multi-dimensional and constantly evolving lifestyles. At Coronado Mobile Storage, […]

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Woman holding moving box in San Diego

Packing Your Storage Unit

Key to making sure your items are protected as you’re loading them in storage is to take proper steps in packing them. Here are a few tips to consider. Have an overall packing plan. Be sure to use sturdy packing materials and boxes that can withstand being stacked to the full height of the unit.

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Forklift in a warehouse lifting a wooden pallet loaded with boxes.

5 Tips for Packing a Portable Storage Unit

The benefit of using a portable storage unit in San Diego (for a move or for temporary storage of personal belongings) is total control over the packing and unpacking of the container. It is an affordable, convenient alternative to using […]

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Simplify the Moving Process with Portable Storage Units in San Diego

Everyone knows moving is stressful. Packing up your whole life into boxes is no easy feat. The act of preparing, packing and physically lifting your items can be daunting, which leads so many of us to procrastinate. Thankfully, innovations in […]

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The Versatility of Mobile Storage Containers

The versatility of mobile storage containers is movie-line worthy. Yes, storage units in San Diego are ideal for protecting and storing your belongings. They are fireproof, and capable of withstanding environmental elements. For these reasons and the fact that they […]

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Top Four Reasons to Choose a Mobile Storage Company

You’ve been planning on making some extra room in your garage for months now. The truth is, you don’t have much space to work with. Looking for another great option? Here are four good reasons why you should take advantage […]

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Convenient Mobile Storage in Chula Vista

When it comes to moving, remodeling, or seasonal use items, you might think that storage units are the only option available, which means you’ll need to rent a van, and then load and unload all your goods until the time […]

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The physical, Mental and Emotional Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Like most San Diegans, chances are you played hard all summer, whether it was a trip to the beach, camping under the stars, or loading up the family in your car for an epic road trip. Like it is for […]

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Portable Storage Units for Rent

Save your money and time with Coronado Mobile Storage. As a company, we provide you- our client – the convenience of having a self-storage unit delivered to your business or home. After loading the storage room, you can decide whether […]

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