5 Tips for Packing a Portable Storage Unit

Portable Storage San Diego

The benefit of using a portable storage unit in San Diego (for a move or for temporary storage of personal belongings) is total control over the packing and unpacking of the container. It is an affordable, convenient alternative to using traditional movers or renting a unit at local storage company.

The following tips for packing a portable storage unit will help to make sure all items reach their destination in the same condition they left.

1. Build a Wall

The best way to maximize space while packing up a portable storage unit is to think vertically. Loading up the unit from floor to roof will create walls and rows with logical space pockets for items of various sizes and weights. Securing each wall as it is formed with straps or rope using the hooks and anchor posts in the unit will prevent movement and damage during transit.

Mattresses and box springs should be lined up on each side of the unit act as an extension of the unit walls to support items in between and keep them from moving. Boxes stacked vertically rather than forming layers horizontally create more space and flexibility for other items. Larger items like couches that can fit vertically will also increase the amount of free space for other smaller pieces.

Taking a vertical approach to packing the unit will also allow easier access when unloading your belongings. The rows and aisles make it easier to maneuver around when clearing out the container.

2. Weight Distribution

If the weight of items in a portable storage unit is unevenly distributed, things will shift during transit, increasing the chances that something will be damaged. For the safest and smoothest transportation, the weight needs to be distributed evenly from side to side and front to back. Avoid placing appliances and other heavy items in first or the back of the unit will be heavily weighted.

3. Take Apart Anything That Disassembles

Leaving furniture and other items intact may seem to make the process at the destination easier. However, it is safer and a better use of the limited space to disassemble table and chair legs, entertainment units, and any other larger items that come apart.

4. Wrap it Up

Anything that has the potential to chip, dent, or otherwise get damaged needs to be protected with bubble wrap, furniture pads, or paper. Clothes, pillows, and blankets also offer effective protection between items in the unit.

5. What Not to Put in a Portable Storage Unit

Valuable and irreplaceable items such as family heirlooms and important legal documents should not be stored in any storage unit. Portable storage units from Coronado Mobile Storage are fireproof and very secure, but it is in your best interest to safe guard all important and precious items closely.

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