Portable storage Units in San Diego

The Importance of the Right Equipment and Materials for Safe Storage

When packing up your belongings for transport or long-term storage, it is worth the investment in high-quality packing materials and equipment to protect your most valuable items. Packing Material Before being placed in boxes or other storage containers, your belongings […]

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Portable Storage Unit in San Diego

Portable Storage Units in San Diego Have Even More Creative Solutions for Business

  If you are considering moving your business due to lack of space, first consider the simpler and less expensive approach, storage units in San Diego. Portable storage units in San Diego can provide cost-effective and convenient solutions for many […]

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Portable storage units loading tips

Portable Storage Unit Loading Tips

Using portable storage units for an upcoming move is an affordable, convenient way to transport all of your belongings from your old location to your new destination. The keys to efficiently loading up a mobile storage unit are organization and […]

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Woman holding moving box in San Diego

Packing Your Storage Unit

Key to making sure your items are protected as you’re loading them in storage is to take proper steps in packing them. Here are a few tips to consider. Have an overall packing plan. Be sure to use sturdy packing materials and boxes that can withstand being stacked to the full height of the unit.

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Image of storage containers in San Diego

Creative Uses for Storage Units in San Diego

The strong and durable portable storage units in San Diego that are available from Coronado Mobile Storage are most commonly used to store or move personal belongings and other items, often used for home or business moves. However, their long-lasting […]

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Customizable Cargo Containers from CMS

Whether you’re renting or buying, it’s only important to make sure that your portable storage has everything that you need and expect. We’re not just talking about size. In this article we’ll discuss customization options that CMS offers and how […]

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Simplify the Moving Process with Portable Storage Units in San Diego

Everyone knows moving is stressful. Packing up your whole life into boxes is no easy feat. The act of preparing, packing and physically lifting your items can be daunting, which leads so many of us to procrastinate. Thankfully, innovations in […]

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Declutter Your Home with CMS

Start Small When you have a lot of possessions, trying to declutter can seem like an overwhelming task. This can lead to procrastination and other unpleasant stress-related conditions. Hence, it is recommended to start out small and scale out accordingly, […]

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The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

According to Money magazine, consumers spent over $8 billion on Halloween in 2017. This year is sure to ring up as much, if not more. Were you one of the many that purchased a variety of decorations and costumes to […]

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The Versatility of Mobile Storage Containers

The versatility of mobile storage containers is movie-line worthy. Yes, storage units in San Diego are ideal for protecting and storing your belongings. They are fireproof, and capable of withstanding environmental elements. For these reasons and the fact that they […]

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