The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

Delivering portable Storage units in San Diego
According to Money magazine, consumers spent over $8 billion on Halloween in 2017. This year is sure to ring up as much, if not more. Were you one of the many that purchased a variety of decorations and costumes to now find you have little or no storage for your festive purchases? If so, Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) has the perfect solution for you: portable storage units in San Diego.With Halloween over and the holiday season upon us, the safe keep of your decorations such as ornaments and life size nutcracker and other important pieces is important. There is nothing worse than purchasing holiday decor to have to pack it into the corners of your garage or spare rooms due to lack of proper space. Thus, you need a safe and secure space that can be used year-round, which is not only convenient but cost effective as well. CMS’s mobile storage containers are fireproof and can withstand the seasons. In addition to their durable steel construction, the units are capable of storing the contents of a 1,500 square foot home, ensuring ample room for your stacked fiberglass pumpkin sculpture or 10 foot tall Christmas tree with plenty of room to spare.The best part, there is no need to worry about hauling all your holiday stash to our Chula Vista storage facility. We can bring the unit to you. CMS will deliver the storage container to your place of choice if need be and once loaded will return in to our facility. You may however keep the unit on your property, if you choose to, for as long as you wish. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Whether you decide to keep the storage unit on your property or at our Chula Vista facility, you can rest assure that your belongings are safe, protected and accessible whenever needed. For all your storage questions and inquiries, please contact Coronado Mobile Storage at 619.423.8645 or visit to learn more.

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