The Versatility of Mobile Storage Containers

Portable storage units in San Diego
The versatility of mobile storage containers is movie-line worthy. Yes, storage units in San Diego are ideal for protecting and storing your belongings. They are fireproof, and capable of withstanding environmental elements. For these reasons and the fact that they are inexpensive and completely customizable many have taken on the distinction of becoming showstopping displays of ingenuity.


DIYers find mobile storage containers perfect for constructing a home. Whether it be a single extra guest house or combined with other units to build a larger family home, these structures are seen throughout the world. Television shows have even highlighted their construction and the how-to for people who are interested in building their own home.


With sizes varying from 10’ to 40’ in length storage units have also found their place in the business world. In an effort to save money and the environment, many companies have turned to storage containers for office space. Just as when constructing a home with these units, lighting, doors, windows, and restrooms can be installed, making the container a comfortable, efficient and inviting space.

Pop-up Shops

Retailers have found refurbishing a storage unit cost-effective compared to higher rent in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Customizing the space and “owning” it is also seen as an advantage for renting retail space. And, of course, the portability of a mobile container allows the owner to pick up and move the retail space while leaving all contents within the unit. This ability serves a dual purpose plus the its const effectiveness.

Bars and Restaurants

The food and beverage industry have taken customizing storage containers to new levels. They occupy boardwalk space, downtown city areas, even the outskirts. The Container Bar in Austin, Texas has made headlines with its design using seven containers, some stacked. Ranging from mom and pop coffee shop, to the sublime sit down and dine eatery. Many in the food and beverage industry have welcomed this unique trend and look forward to increasing the use of container’s in the future.

Mobile storage containers that has been creatively crafted to fit the needs of today’s society are inexpensive, portable, customizable and sustainable. With portable storage units in San Diego from Coronado Mobile Storage the possibilities are endless. For further information please visit or contact CMS at 619-423-8645 with any questions.

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