Packing Your Storage Unit

Woman holding moving box in San Diego

Key to making sure your items are protected as you’re loading them in storage is to take proper steps in packing them.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Have an overall packing plan. This means if there are certain items you like to access before others, make sure that those items are the last ones to load. This avoids unnecessary jostling when taking items out of your unit.
  • Be sure to use sturdy packing materials and boxes that can withstand being stacked to the full height of the unit. You run the risk of damaging your goods if you use worn or cheap boxes. Further, if possible, stack the heavier boxes and items on the bottom tier of the unit so that they don’t cause damage toyour other belongings.
  • Drain lawnmowers of gasoline and oil before you place them in storage. You run the risk of fire otherwise.
  • When packing books, place them flat instead of standing them on end. This will minimize damage to the spines of the books. Also consider spreading books out among several different boxes, so that no one box is too heavy, which could lead to a mishap.
  • Clean blankets, linens, clothing and draperies before storing them. If you can use a wardrobe box and hang them up, this would be the optimal option.
  • If you’re going to store tools or bikes for long periods of time, consider coating them with a thin layer of machine oil to prevent rusting. Similarly, make sure everything is dry before placing it in your unit to ensurethey are not affected by mold.

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