Coronado Mobile Storage Can Help You Move into the New Year the Right Way

Storage containers on ship in San Diego

Moving is an exciting adventure and when the move happens around the New Year, there is an added feeling of being able to get a fresh start on life. The affordable mobile storage in San Diego from Coronado Mobile Storage provide a convenient, cost-efficient way to transport your belongings from the old place to your new residence.

Coronado Mobile Storage specializes in sturdy, secure, and durable storage units that allow you complete control over the safety and security of your property. A proven container delivery system reduces the stress levels of your move and saves you time in the hectic moving process.

Convenient Mobile Storage in San Diego

The stress levels are high planning and executing a move during the holiday season. Renting a mobile storage container; however, will eliminate the need for a rental truck. There is no need to transport the mobile storage unit, as we take care of that for you. All you have to do is load the unit and we will deliver the unit to the designated location without any hassle.

Take your time and make sure belongings are unloaded at your convenience. Rest assured you can securely and safely lock up the container overnight and start up again in the morning, as no damage will be done to your items or to any of our fireproof steel storage containers.

Coronado Mobile Storage is Your Source for reliable Storage in San Diego

CMS is a full service provider in making sure that make your move stress-free and more cost effective. For further information or a quote for sales and rentals please contact our extraordinary customer service team today at 619.423.8645 or visit