Pros of Moving with a Mobile Storage Unit in San Diego

Pros of Moving with a Mobile Storage Unit in San Diego

An alternative to the traditional practice of renting a truck to facilitate a move is to rent a cost-effective and convenient portable storage unit in San Diego from the leading industry professionals at Coronado Mobile Storage. Every move and situation is different. It is important to consider all options carefully to make the best decision for your move.

Benefits of Mobile Storage Units

  • Leave the Driving to Others

    Driving a rental truck with all of your belongings can be stressful and even dangerous, especially if you have limited or no experience driving a large, heavy vehicle. When you rent a mobile storage unit from Coronado Mobile Storage, we pick up the container after it has been loaded and transport it to the designated location.

  • No Refueling Costs

    When you rent a truck you will often have to fill it up with gas before returning it or incur steep charges. With a mobile storage unit from CMS,there is no refuelingcost to worry about.

  • No Steep Loading Ramps

    Instead of the long, narrow, steep ramps on a rental truck that have you lugging all of your heavy personal belongings uphill, a portable storage container is ground level for easier loading of your biggest, and weighty items.

  • Load, Unload On Your Schedule

    Your mobile storage unit will get delivered to your property and will not be picked up for transport until you are ready. Once the container reaches its final destination, it will be picked up from the new location when unloading in complete. Furthermore, you can keep the storage unit on your property if more time is needed, which in return provides more flexibility and allows you to load and unload the unit at your convenience.

  • Space

    Mobile storage units in San Diego from CMS take up a good space during the loading and unloading periods. If the container needs to be put onto the street, you will need to check with local municipality and/or HOA guidelines and restrictions, especially if the unit will be there overnight.

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