Storage Containers for Sale–What to Look For

Storage Containers for Sale in San Diego

Coronado Mobile Storage has a large inventory of used and “one trip” cargo-worthy storage containers for sale at the most affordable rates in the industry. “One trip” containers have literally only been used for one ocean transport.


No special equipment or techniques necessary to inspect the storage containers for sale at Coronado Mobile Storage. A high power flashlight and a keen sense of damage or other irregularities is all you need to properly inspect the following areas of the container:

Structural Integrity

The structural strength of the storage containers at Coronado Mobile Storage is supported by the steel beams that create each of the six walls of the units. The primary danger you should be looking for is rust. Surface rusting along the beam may not be too attractive, but it does not pose any serious risk to the container. Deeper rust will eat away at the beam’s steel, and affect its structural integrity and strength.


While it is difficult to get a good look at the underbelly of the container for sale, it is an important part of the unit to inspect. The best way to inspect the underside of the unit is to catch it in mid-load or unload, if possible. Damage is reasonably easy to repair and because no one will ever see it, any repairs are completely for function without regard to how it looks.


If you are purchasing a storage container, you typically are not concerned with its appearance. However, if the exterior walls of the unit are being compromised by increasingly deeper rust, it will not only look unsightly, but more importantly lose its strength. Major dents which protrude either in or out of the container can prevent you from properly packing the unit or placing another container next to it.


A visual inspection of the roof of the container should include evaluating existing patches and looking for signs to standing water. A test of existing rust will determine how eep it is and any future potential dangers. The main goal is to make sure the roof is in good structural condition.

End Doors

The end doors on a storage container are actually the only components of the unit that have mechanical parts that need inspection. Make sure you move all four lock bars to ensure they are in proper working order and are not affected by rust or other corrosive conditions. The rubber gasket that outlines the perimeter of the door should be free from cracks or any other damage.


Have a good look at the walls, floor, and ceiling to make sure any cargo stored in the container will be safe and secure. An effective, simple way to check for water tightness is to seal the door and look for visible light entering the interior of the container.


Storage containers are typically floored with plywood, the only permeable materials used in constructing the unit. If you detect an odor in the container after it has been closed for a while, there may be an issue with the flooring.

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