The Convenience of Portable Storage Units for Homeowners

Portable storage unit in San Diego

There are so many benefits for homeowners using a portable storage unit in San Diego that eventually an A to Z book would be useful to thoroughly cover the subject. In this short blog, we cover the topics of:

  • Help when downsizing your household.
  • Help during a major remodel.
  • Help staging your home for sale.


People have many reasons for downsizing their households. You could be an empty nester, entering retirement, divorcing, or simply reducing the responsibilities that come with owning a large home. Just because you are downsizing doesn’t mean you want to give away or throw out your possessions. Much of the stuff you have kept over the years have sentimental meaning, monetary value, or both.

Preparing to downsize takes both planning and action. The first step is creating your “must-have” list. These are possessions you cannot live without, items you love, and things you need daily. A good way to start is by working through one room at a time. You can sort stuff into must-have, donate, sell, and trash.

Your next step is planning how your treasures will fit in your new home. This means measuring large items and maybe drawing a sketch for how these will fit in your new place. At the same time, you can measure large items going into storage to maximize the use of the space. You want to plan how to store those items so that what you need periodically (seasonal items) are easy to retrieve. This all sounds simple but we all know that downsizing takes plenty of planning.


When you are ready for your dream home remodel, you want to do it right. A portable storage unit in San Diego makes your dream come true easily. Remolding requires temporary extra space. Instead of storing bulky furniture in the garage, your garage is better used as a remolding workspace and as a staging area for the new kitchen counters, shower stall, and whatever else is being replaced. A portable storage unit is the ideal solution whether you want it kept at your home or our facility.

Placing your items in a self storage unit means you are putting them in a safe and secure location.

Similar to downsizing, you want to do some pre-planning for your storage unit. Big bulky items that will be stored the longest time go in the back of the unit. Maybe extra pots and pans go in the middle and anything you might need during the remodel is kept near the front for easy access. A little pre-planning effort goes a long way in keeping your remodeling project organized and hassle-free.


Every real estate agent will tell you that staging your home is the secret to attracting the most purchase offers, getting top dollar from the sale, and making it all happen quickly. Again, a portable storage unit in San Diego is the solution you need.

Staging is about fully furnishing each room of your home to show off its best advantages. This means making rooms appear larger when there is less furniture and great accents. It also means removing personal belongings so that potential buyers can have neutral and objective standpoint from which they can envision their family living there.

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