Who Can Benefit from Renting a Mobile Storage Unit?

Coronado Mobile Storage

Renting mobile storage units in San Diego from Coronado Mobile Storage is the most convenient, cost-effective solutions for almost every situation or circumstance. The ease of having the container dropped off, transported, and picked up offers flexibility for homeowners, students, and others in need of temporary or longer term storage and moving needs.


If you are moving or preparing for a major renovation of your existing home, mobile storage units are affordable ways to transport or store your personal belongings. The container will be delivered to your home and left for you to load at your convenience. When you are ready the packed up container will be picked up and delivered to its final destination by a certified CMS technician. Once items have been unloaded into the new place, the empty mobile storage unit will be picked up from your property.

During the process of a remodeling project, a portable storage unit can be used to safely store furniture and other valuable items until the work is done. Equipment, materials, and other construction gear can also be stored in the container overnight.

Business Owners

A mobile storage unit in San Diego can serve a wide range of storage purposes and applications. Like a home, it can be used to store furniture and equipment during the course of a move or renovation. It can also house rotating inventory, records and physical files, providing additional workspace. Storage containers provide cost-effective solutions to short-term and long-term issues and circumstances.

Military Personnel

Members of the United Stated armed forces are often moving across the country or around the world, sometimes at a moment’s notice. A mobile storage unit provides a quick, easy space to store personal belongings with the flexibility of the option to transport the container to your new location. Whether needing it to temporarily house items for a short assignment or deployment, or for a longer move, mobile storage units can give you the peace of mind that your items are safe and secure.

College Students

A young adult entering college will go through a lot of changes and moves as they navigate their way through college and into the real world. They may study abroad or spend summers traveling. They will move more than once and need to a space to store some things at one time or another. A mobile storage unit in San Diego is the ideal solution for the college student on the go and changing directions so often. Whether it is short-term storage need, while you are completing an internship to moving out of your parent’s house and into your first home after graduation, mobile storage units can help you transition as smoothly as possible.

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