3 Tips for Long-Term Mobile Storage

While short-term storage of furniture and other goods should be a no-brainer, long-term mobile storage in San Diego involves a few concerns for homeowners. Here are four tips for keeping your goods safe when you put them away for the long term.

1. Don’t Use Plastic
Plastic bags get a bad rap for polluting the beach and waters, but this material also has consequences for items you store. Plastic traps the moisture inside, which can have a negative effect on most materials. Once you retrieve your personal items after being covered in plastic, you may find mold and mildew has grown on them.

2. Protecting with Pallets and Boxes
In most cases, how you store your goods makes all the difference in storage. Heavy-duty boxes allow you to avoid incidental damage to belongings when containers get moved around. Another good technique is using wooden pallets on which you place your boxes. With separation from the floor of your container, your furniture has an added level of protection.

3. Vacuum Packing
The one instance where wrapping in plastic works is when you choose to vacuum-seal your goods. This system helps protect from any air getting inside and causing moisture damage to your belongings. Vacuum-sealing may be the best call for curtains and clothing made with delicate fabrics.

When you are choosing long-term mobile storage in San Diego, take some precautions to protect your belongings. Coronado Mobile Storage will walk you through every step of the process. For more information or for a quote please contact us at 619-423-8645 or visit www.CoronadoMobileStorage.com.

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