3 Ways Mobile Storage Can Make Your Home Renovation Greener

Southern California homeowners are always looking for ways to live a greener lifestyle, and there is no reason that shouldn’t extend to home renovations and other projects around the house. Here are three ways mobile storage in San Diego can make the entire equation come out greener.

1. Providing a secure place before repurposing goods

So many items are thrown out during moves and renovations. With a convenience of a portable storage container, you have a place to keep larger objects out of the way while renovations and other projects take place. Instead of having to throw away goods, you can keep them in storage.

Once there, you have time to decide what to donate to charity and what friends and family members might use. This luxury keeps so many materials from ending up in landfills.

2. Cutting down on emissions

With a storage container on your property, you don’t need to haul goods between your home and the storage site and back again. This process can be time-consuming and create a large amount of emissions as trucks move the goods to your home. Choosing to keep furniture and other large objects on-site is the greener way to make use of mobile storage in San Diego. The only thing that travels is the empty container.

3. Avoiding the waste of plastic wrap

Besides the emissions factor, companies that provide storage may lean toward heavy disposable plastics when they coordinate your next renovation project. Keeping your possessions on your property can avoid the waste of so much plastic wrap and other packing materials.

As has been reported, even recyclable plastics are finding their way into the ocean and local rivers. Any effort to keep these materials out of circulation will contribute to a greener Southern California.

Choosing mobile storage in San Diego is the greener, more secure choice for a renovation or other home project. Let Coronado Mobile Storage handle all your storage needs. For more information or for a quote please visit www.coronadomobilestorage.com or contact us at 619.423.8645.

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