4 Things to Check in Storage Containers for Sale

After renting mobile storage containers for your home or office, you may find that buying a storage unit makes more sense for the long term. Before you make the purchase, there are things you need to check when surveying shipping containers for sale. Here are four items to cross off your list.

1.Container Size
Though 8’ by 20’ containers are popular for mobile storage rentals, you may want to consider larger units for your long-term needs. The next size up (8’ by 40’) delivers value for anyone shopping for a used container. Storage size is doubled in these containers, but the cost is only about 25% more than the small size.

2.Amount of Use
Your search for used storage containers should largely focus on condition. Available shipping containers for sale may bear the mark “One Trip,” which means the unit has crossed the Pacific Ocean just once before going on sale. Naturally, these containers have the least wear and you can expect the longest life out of them.

3.How Sellers Rank Containers
Sellers marketing used storage containers may label them using “A,” “B” or “C” ratings, but it is important to know these rankings are not set by any shipping industry standards or international codes. They simply allow sellers to make some units seem more appealing than others. You are better off looking for a certificate received after a Marine Survey that declares a container “cargo worthy.”

4.Bringing the Container to Your Location
How you get the container to your home or place of business is another point of consideration during your shopping period. Find out if the company selling the unit offers delivery of their shipping containers for sale. This way, you can factor in the cost of each aspect of the purchase to see if it fits your budget.

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