5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Portable Storage in San Diego

Choosing portable storage in San Diego gives you flexibility when planning a move, while you remodel your home or simply when you need more space around the house. However, some people do several things wrong. Here are five mistakes to avoid.

1. Including Toxic or Flammable Materials
You can pack nearly anything inside a storage container, but there are items you must avoid. Among them are flammable materials, ammunition, fertilizers, spray paints and fuels. While a container can protect against outside elements, fires within your storage unit could be disastrous.

2. Ordering a Container without Measuring
Before you decide on a specific container, make some measurements for the items you would like to store. Coronado’s 8’ by 20’ containers are very popular, but 8’ by 40’ units are also available for larger storage capacities. If you know roughly how much space you need, you can avoid the mistake of renting a second container.

3. Spending Big on Packing Supplies
Do you need all that bubble wrap? Plastic packing supplies are expensive and wasteful if you are trying to limit your impact on the environment. Remember that bed linens, newspapers and other household items serve the purpose for storage. You don’t have to ignore the environment when using portable storage.

4. Packing Fragile Items without Care
Another common mistake is underestimating how fragile your items are. Don’t store vases or lamps without making sure they are protected from bumps in the road or other events than can happen during the storage process. Always “over-protect” your fragile goods.

5. Forgetting About On-Site Storage
Though many Coronado customers choose to have their storage unit transported to our facility, don’t forget there is an option for storage on your property. This choice allows you to take your time during remodeling and allows you instant access to anything you decide against storing. You can have the ultimate convenience with on-site portable storage in San Diego.

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