Advantages of Mobile Storage

People often ask us why portable storage units are superior to your standard storage unit. Well, to us, the answer is obvious. If nothing else, the sheer advantage of not having to pack up a car, drive through traffic – and if you’re looking for storage in San Diego, you must know that you will be faced with traffic – unload that car, and reload all those boxes and other items into a storage unit – that’s reason enough in our opinion.

But there are even more advantages if you’re looking to choose mobile storage units in San Diego. A portable storage container is made of twelve gauge steel, just like a shipping container, and the space inside is tailored to your specific needs. You tell us what type of container you need, and will get it to where you are.

Not only that, but a mobile storage facility can be moved from location to location. If you are a commercial customer, you may need items in various places at various times. Perhaps your business has several offices or retail outlets; our mobile storage units can come to each one of these locations whenever you need. Moreover, portable storage units are built to last, which cannot always be said of normal storage units.

At Coronado Mobile Storage, we service areas up and down the coast, and you can count on our units not to become disorganized as the unit moves from place to place. We recently had a client looking for storage units in Pacific Beach, but they were moving their business from Chula Vista. This was no problem for us, because again, that’s the beauty of mobile storage.

We can also custom make our units to fit your specific needs. Some people use our mobile storage units as additional workspaces. And certainly we can add all kinds of windows, shelving, etc. Simply peruse our custom applications page to see what options are available to you.

The advantages are endless. Whether you need storage for home purposes or for your business, you can’t go wrong with us. Contact us today for a quote. You’ll be amazed at the affordability.

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