Clearing Out for the New School Year

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Children from kindergarten to college get a fresh start every year when the new school year begins. They will have new teachers, new textbooks, new subjects to study, and new friends to meet. It’s also a great time to clear out the leftovers from the previous school year and put away summer belongings. With CMS’s mobile storage in San Diego, you have the ideal place to store it all. Here’s how to get it done in four easy steps.

Step One: Lease a Mobile Storage Unit

Before you begin the process of clearing out your home of unutilized items, lease a mobile storage unit. From which you can pack and store at your leisure with the convenience of having the storage unit on your property.

Step Two: Take Care of Last Year’s Leftovers

The books, clothing, and school supplies your child has outgrown are cluttering your home for no reason. Yet, you may not want to get rid of them completely if you have a younger child who will need them in coming years. Wait at least a week after the school year begins so that you’ll be sure of what is no longer need and store accordingly.

Step Three: Pack Away Summer Articles

Your children may have clothing, toys, and sports equipment that is only used during the summer season. So, set aside and store the clothing, pool toys, outdoor toys, camping equipment, and any other items that are not utilized during the academic year.

Step Four: Put Away Old Books

As your child advances and develops their reading skills, the books that made them happy last year may now sit unused until a younger child grows into them or you find someone to give them to. Decluttering their space creates an environment for other intellectually stimulating items. Therefore; it is in their best interest to sort through the outgrown books and safely store them until a future action plan.

Your children have so much to look forward to as the new school year begins. Enhance their feelings of excitement and adventure by making room for their new interests and belongings. ContactCoronado Mobile Storage today to get started with free quote 619.423.8645 or visit for further information.

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