Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego Offers Custom Cabin Containers!

Custom Cabin Containers in San Diego
Looking for the best custom container company in San Diego? You found it!

At Coronado Mobile Storage, we not only offer you the best and most convenient mobile storage options, we also offer you the ability to create your very own Custom Cabin Container. Yes, it’s true! Just imagine all of the things you can do with a custom-made storage container, and how your life could be made so much easier, by having some additional space.

Custom Container Living

People are looking for tiny living ideas, including checking out any tiny homes for sale in their local area. While they are likely to find a variety of tiny homes for sale, they need to understand that most tiny homes are prebuilt in a certain design. If they want a custom built tiny home, they are going to soon learn that paying for a custom home can be very expensive.

Custom Container Homes

We’re excited to let people know that as professional builders of container homes, we can create a custom cabin container home that offers them the same or even more space than tiny homes can. And at a better price, too! When people find out that they have the option to choose between living in a custom cabinet container home vs. a tiny home, they often choose the custom container home because it, 1. It offers more overall space, 2. It is more affordable when compared to a tiny home, and 3. It can be customized to exactly how the customer wants it to be.

Custom Cabin Containers – What Will You Build?

Just a few of the many really cool things you could do with a custom-built cabin container!

  • A brand-new home to live in
  • A guest house, which gives both guests and you privacy
  • An extra bedroom. (The custom cabin containers can be made to be a particular size.)
  • An office, a great choice for those who work at home!
  • A man cave.
  • A woman cave.
  • An entertainment area. i.e. bar

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