How to Use Storage in San Diego for Green Renovations

During any remodeling project at home, you have to make sure you don’t make a mess of your home furnishings and other possessions. Using self-storage in San Diego is the way to way to do it without creating a ton of waste. Storage units allow you to limit fuel consumption used for transporting goods as well as packing materials for your possessions. It’s the greenest way to renovate your home.

Ending the Circle of Emissions

When you want to keep a light carbon footprint during a remodeling job, it’s important to analyze every aspect of the process. Not only do the materials and paints used factor into the overall environmental impact; so does the amount of fuel needed to move your goods from place to place.

Using Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego means you will have a container on your property throughout the renovation process. Rather than packing everything in plastic and driving it across town, you simply have things moved into the container in your backyard. The only transportation comes when Coronado’s team delivers and picks up the storage container.

Keeping Waste Minimal With Self-Storage in San Diego

The other key aspect of a green remodeling job is how many packing materials you use to complete the job. Storage containers in your yard require minimal (if any) plastic wrapping while contractors finish the job inside your house.

Unfortunately, the types of materials moving companies use are usually disposable plastics that make renovations turn into major burdens on the environment and waste stream. There’s a much greener opportunity waiting for you with a mobile storage unit.

The Coronado System

Coronado Mobile Storage can help you push the green factor in any work you have planned for your house. We’ll deliver a secure steel 8’ by 20’ container to protect your possessions. Once the job is done, we’ll remove the container from your home at your convenience.

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