Is It Better to Store Possessions Remotely or on Your Own Premises?

If you are pondering your options for storage in San Diego, then you may have considered whether it’s better to keep things on-site or to store your possessions at a remote location. Fortunately, with Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) you can choose either of these two options. The better choice will depend on your individual circumstances. In this article, we compare the two storage methods to help you decide which choice makes more sense for you.

  1. Storing on your own premises

    Some people may prefer to store their possessions on-site when they are working on a home related project. This is a reasonable policy for short-term or temporary storage periods. Perhaps you just want to declutter a little while keeping an eye on your own things? In this case, we can help you set up mobile storage units on your premises and we will provide guidance where necessary. The downside of doing things yourself is that this may be a less secure option. Limited space is also a concern for many people, meaning that remote storage is often a better choice.

  2. Storing remotely

    For the majority of our customers, we recommend storing your possessions at our secure location. Why? Because storage is our core business and we do it well. We at CMS pride ourselves on keeping your possessions safe and secure. By outsourcing storage, you also free up your own premises for more productive usage. What’s more, there’s no upper limit on how much you can store with us. If your storage plans fall into the mid-to-long term category then you should definitely consider storing your possessions remotely with CMS. Your things will still be available to you at anytime during our business hours.

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