Making Room for Your Baby

A new addition to your family is on its way. It’s an exciting time, and you have a lot to do to get ready. The big project on your list is getting the room ready for your new bundle of joy. There’s furniture you need to move and you keep getting new items for baby every day. There’s too much to cram into another part of your house, you need extra storage space.

The Hard Way

Once everything is all packed up, you drive to the truck rental place, come back and load up the truck. Then you drive everything over to the storage unit and unload it all. You are rushing to do this all in one day, because you have to pay daily for the truck. After you finally return the truck, you come back home, and now you can start on the baby’s room. Moving at full speed is just what you pictured yourself doing during your pregnancy.

The Mobile Storage Way

Once you confirm the size of storage unit you need, Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego will drop off your portable storage unit at your house. From which you can take your time loading items and if needed keep it on your property until ready to store in our facility. It’s that easy and always at your convenience.

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