Mobile Storage: An Empty Nester’s Dream

Mobile Storage San Diego

Another graduation is on the horizon and with it, bittersweet feelings of pride and sadness as your baby moves away to begin a new life adventure. Although you will miss your child terribly, there is a silver lining. It’s finally time to turn in those extra bedrooms into the crafting mecca or workout haven you’ve been dreaming about for years. There’s just one little problem. Your kids might be moving on, but all their stuff sure isn’t.

So how do you make space in an already cramped house? If you’ve considered storage in San Diego, but been put off by pricing or simply the amount of labor involved in such an undertaking, then Coronado Mobile Storage is the solution for you. A mobile storage unit is a great option for those who want to store items temporarily, even if you’re not sure just how temporary it will be. Aside from the affordability, what makes mobile storage a great solution is that you don’t have to sort, pack, load, and move all in one day. You can take your time and even get a referral for help loading the items into the storage unit. With mobile storage, there is no need to rent a commercial vehicle, navigate through San Diego traffic or worry about mileage charges as it’s all done for you.

Most of all, what makes this a great option for parents of adult children, are the options you have when your children are settled in their own homes and have the space to reclaim their childhood memories. With Coronado Mobile Storage, you can simply arrange to have the mobile storage unit delivered to your child’s new address as a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Don’t let your beautiful home be converted into a glorified storage unit. Call today for your free quote and discover why thousands agree Coronado Mobile Storage is the best storage in San Diego. For further information please contact CMS at 619.423.8645 or visit

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