Mobile Storage and Your Business

Mobile Storage in San DiegoDo you have a business with excess inventory or seasonal merchandise? Do you have documents that need storing or protecting? Having an outdoor event? If your answer is yes to any or all of these, Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego has the solution for you, a mobile storage unit.

We all know that retail is non-stop business. And with the need to keep inventory on hand can be daunting when your storage space is inadequate. There is no better way to store those extra racks of clothes or shelves of seasonal merchandise than in an all steel storage container from Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego. You can choose to keep the unit on your property or if you prefer we can store it at our safe storage facility near you with easy access during business hours. All of our storage units are fireproof, which reassures out customers that their belongings / merchandise will be protected and safe.

Planning an Outdoor Event

If you plan outdoor events and have equipment stored throughout many areas or facilities because storage in San Diego is cost prohibitive, do not worry. A portable storage container from Coronado Mobile Storage will make your event production more manageable. By storing your tables, chairs, even tents or any type of equipment in one of our mobile units (there is enough room for all), you will save time and energy moving everything from a multitude of areas. Our storage units will not only keep you fully organized but are super convenient.

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