Mobile storage FAQ

 mobile storage san diegoWe tend to get a lot of similar questions from prospective clients who are looking for storage in San Diego.In this article, we address some of the more common inquiries that we receive.

  1. When can I access my stored possessions?

    We at Coronado Mobile Storage understand that rapid and easy access to your belongings is a vital concern for many customers. You can access your stored possessions 7 days a week during business hours (8am-5pm).

  2. Can I store your containers on my premises?

    Yes. You can elect to rent a container and keep it on your premises. We do recommend using our storage facility; especially for long periods of time, due to the extra security that we can offer you. In almost 20 years of operation, none of our on-site clients have lost anything due to theft or fire.

  3. What does your storage service cost?

    You can find our storage cost at the following link. URL: ( Our services are reasonably priced and we will provide you with a free quote based on your individual requirements.

  4. How does the process work?

    The process is incredibly simple. Once you have agreed to the quoted amount, we will bring a mobile storage unit to the desired location. You can load up the container to at your leisure. Once you are ready, we will take the container back to our storage facility.

Coronado Mobile Storage’s sole priority is the convenience we provide our customers in loading and storing their belongings. We take pride in the 5 star customer satisfaction received from our loyal customers! For further information or a quote please contact us at 619.423.8645 or visit

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