Need to Downsize? Coronado Mobile Storage Can Help

Downsizing is difficult no matter if you are moving from a larger home to a smaller space, or if you’ve recently become an empty nester. And, regardless of how much stuff you have, throwing anything away can be emotional as well.

Of course, the process of deciding what to throw out, what to put in storage, and what to take along to your new location can be difficult too! But by taking the following steps into consideration, you can be sure that you throw away, keep, and store the right belongings in the right places.

1. Plan of Attack – Regardless of how much you have or how much space your new place allows, getting on board with a plan of attack is essential. For example, keeping the floor plan of your new place in mind when taking inventory of your belongings big and small can help you determine what can fit and therefore keep. Essentially, this approach it gives one the ability to evaluate everything with a critical eye.

2. Cut out Belongings – When it comes to throwing away your belongings and determining which items would be better off at a mobile storage in San Diego, its easiest to begin with the least sentimental items you have or the ones you can live without and work from there.

3. Ask for Help – Sometimes it’s difficult to be objective when you have to make a decision about items that are meaningful – personal attachment. So, by enlisting the help of a friend or family member, you can get a true objective point of view about item(s) in question.

4. Storage – There are going to be belongings that you just can’t part with, and that’s ok. But, when they don’t fit or there is no place for them in the new space, what are you supposed to do? That’s where mobile storage comes in! Not only do the units come to your home for easy packing, but you can also be rest assured that your possessions will be kept safe and secure for as long as you need.

If you need to downsize but have possessions you aren’t quite ready to part with, Coronado Mobile Storage handles all storage needs whether long-term or short-term. Our San Diego storage facilities are safe, secure, and convenient. This means that not only do you receive our fire proof steel storage units at your home to make packing simple and stress free but you get peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe at all times.

For more information or for a quote please visit or contact us at 619.423.8645. Look forward to hearing from you!

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