Other Uses for Mobile Storage

When you think about storage, you probably think about moving. Most people use storage facilities as a sort of interim place for their things while they move from one location to another. And while it’s true that moving is one of the most common reasons people come to us with storage needs, there are many other useful ways to take advantage of mobile storage solutions. Even if you and your family are staying right where you are, storage might be something that benefits you greatly.

Making Room

If you’re finding your home a bit too crowded, mobile storage is a simple solution. Clean out the garage and get some of that old exercise equipment out of the way. Convert your study into a new bedroom for a baby on the way and keep the study furniture in a safe location.

Protecting Valuables

Need to go out of town for a holiday or vacation? Want to protect your valuables to ensure their safety while you’re gone? Take advantage of mobile storage! Our secure facility and fire proof storages is the perfect place to keep your valued possessions while you’re away, and our convenient mobile service ensures you won’t lose any time driving back and forth.

Seasonal Gear

Do you have bulky items that you only need/use a few times a year? Maybe you’ve got a surfboard, skis, some scuba equipment, or a fishing boat somewhere in or near your home? Mobile storage gives you easy access to these items without the frustration of finding room for them in your house.

Anything Else!

Storage doesn’t have to be something reserved only for moving. If you’re finding yourself short on space, a mobile storage solution might be exactly what you need. Short-term, long-term, whatever works best for you.

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