Portable Storage In San Diego

Portable Storage in San DiegoWhen choosing a storage company for your belongings what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many it is affordability and security. You want to know your items are safe from theft, fire, and other elements, but you also want a facility that is flexible as well as affordable. Here at Coronado Mobile Storage (CMS) we offer a secure location to store your belongings. We’ve been in business since 1996 and are proud to say no one has claimed to lose their belongings at our facility due to fire or theft. Our portable storage facility is open seven days per week, so if you choose to store your items with us in San Diego, you will always have access to your portable storage unit.

Another concern people may have when they are looking for portable storage containers for rent is “How am I going to get my belongings to the storage facility?” We’ve solved that problem for you too! Here at CMS we know that having to cart your belongings to a storage facility along with loading and unloading your items and then dealing with a rental vehicle is a lot of hassle and takes up more of your time. Our storage units are portable. Yes, I said portable! This means they are mobile storage units and we bring them to you!! You rent them or keep them at your home or office during your lease.

Mobile storage units are the way to go. They offer flexibility, convenience, affordability, and peace of mind. These portable storage units are great for businesses, moving storage, or even to store your belongings during a remodel. The process is painless and simple. Simply call us for a rental quote, and we’ll even give you a comparison of our area competitors so that you can see that renting your next portable storage unit from CMS is the right choice for you. The sooner you have your mobile storage unit on site the sooner you can begin your move or project. Let Coronado Mobile Storage be your one stop shop for your storage needs.

For more information or to get a quote please visit www.coronadomobilestorage.com.

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