Reduce Clutter with Simple Storage Unit Solution

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We Americans have a lot of stuff. Whether it’s a prized vinyl record collection or unwanted hand-me-down furniture, statistics show the size of self-storage space nationwide exceeds 48 million square feet.1So, it makes sense that one of the primary reasons people seek out additional storage space is to control the clutter in their home.

Conquering Clutter

Quite simply, disorganization is prevalent throughout our country. At least one in four Americans has a problem with clutter. This comes as no surprise when research shows that the average person has over 300,000 items crammed into their home.

This type of chaos can be harmful to our emotional and physical health:

  • Less clutter equals greater happiness, according to a published study. Investigators discovered that the participants who described their homes as “cluttered” were more likely to be fatigued, depressed, and stressed.2
  • Additional research revealed that people who kept their homes clean were physically healthier and more active than those with messy abodes.3

Drowning in Disorder

When clutter takes over a home or business, it can be a chore to find even a basic item. The madness of having “too much stuff” leads to buying multiples of things you know you already own, but can’t find.

When the mess interrupts your daily life, it’s time to consider self-storage solutions to get your life back on track. If you live in Southern California, a storage unit in San Diego that is delivered to your home and then transported to a local facility may be the perfect answer.

Self-Storage Solutions

In recent years, self-storage has become increasingly popular. They are now more utilized than ever before.
If you have an emotional connection to your items or if can’t bear the thought of getting rid of certain items, then Coronado Mobile Storage offers a viable alternative.

Tips for Packing Your Self-Storage

  1. Be Selective

    Before you decide to put items in a storage unit, make sure that you donate or throw away the things items you no longer want or need.

  2. Be Organized

    Instead of tossing in loose items to the storage container, use boxes to group smaller items within each category. Be sure to label each box.

  3. Self-Storage Delivered

    Simplify the process of self-storage by never having to leave your home or business. Strong, fireproof, and inexpensive, Coronado Mobile Storage units provides sturdy shipping containers as an ideal way to keep your items protected and safe.

    The ease of portable and mobile storage assures that the container will be delivered to your address and, after it has been loaded, it will be transported to our highly safe storage facility in San Diego where it can be easily accessed seven days a week.

Get Started Now

Don’t let clutter take a toll or your health, relationships, finances, or happiness. If clutter has started creeping into your home or office, a mobile storage unit in San Diego can help you get organized and live in a serene environment.

For further information or for a no obligation quote please contact Coronado Mobile Storage at 619-423-8645 or visit to learn more.



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