Running Out of Space – 7 Household Items That Can Be Stored

Storage Units in San Diego

It’s easy for our homes to get cluttered with items we don’t need or have not used for years, but giving up those items is harder than we think. Our mobile storage units in San Diego are the best way to hold onto your items while keeping them out of sight. But what can you keep in your unit? Here are seven things you can easily store.


Do you have tons of clothes overflowing your closets? They’re definitely ideal for taking up room in your storage unit. Remember to always pack your clothes in plastic bins and make sure they’re clean and dry.

Home/Holiday Decor

Keeping holiday decor around your house gets frustrating, especially as the holiday seasons come and go. Whether you’re holding onto an artificial tree or hundreds of ornaments, store them in a storage unit until it’s time.


When you’re looking at storage units in San Diego, you’ll need a place that provides peace of mind, especially if you’re storing valuables. At Coronado Mobile Storage, we keep your items safe and protected in our fire proof steel containers, whether you’re storing a TV or a classic gaming system.


Bought a new couch and don’t want to get rid of the old one just yet? The storage units at CMS are spacious enough to store an old couch, dresser, coffee table or all three.

Sporting Equipment

If you’re a fan of playing sports, you’re probably prone to clutter during the off season. Whether you like to bike in the spring or surf in the summer, one of our mobile storage units, holds the place for your equipment.

Kitchen Appliances

If you can believe it, you’ll find tons of storage units in San Diego that have kitchen appliances in them whether it’s a refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher. All these items are fine to store in your unit as long as they’re clean and dried. Also, they should never be plugged in!

Home Improvement Equipment

Any home improvement tools you can think of can take residence in one of our convenient portable storage units.

It’s easy for our lives to get cluttered when we have no place to keep our excess. Fortunately for you, there are options. Coronado Mobile Storage provides the best storage units in San Diego for holding all of life’s extras. For further information or for a free quote please contact CMS at 619.423.8645 or visit to learn more.

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