Safety Tips for Heavy Lifting

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When moving into a new home or storage unit, nine times out of ten it’s impossible to get through without lifting boxes, both light and heavy. We’ve put together some tips to consider before you start your move in order to prevent injury to your back and other parts of your body.

Pack Strategically

One of the key ways to avoid injury is packing boxes for optimized lifting ability.

  • Pack so that weight is distributed evenly in order to prevent wobbly or unstable boxes when carrying and lifting. This can strain muscles in your lower back.
  • Use packing paper or newspaper to wrap objects. When items are not secure, your muscles have to work harder.
  • Organize boxes so you know which ones are heavier so you’re prepared before lifting.

Label – Label boxes that are heavier and require more effort. Small boxes don’t necessarily mean lighter boxes, so labeling makes it easier to separate hard to lift boxes. It’s also smart to alternate lifting heavy boxes and lighter ones so your back and muscles get a break in between loads.

Proper Lifting Technique – This is the most important thing to practice when lifting heavy boxes. First, if the box has straps or handles, always utilize them. Packing gloves or gloves with grips will prevent slippage and damage to objects inside. Always use your core to lift instead of bending over frontwards and lifting up. Keep boxes close to your waist and never carry them side to side. The most common way to strain muscles in your back is improper lifting technique.

The above techniques will significantly help prevent injury when moving into your storage unit or new home. At the end of the day, protecting your muscles and back is of utmost importance. By ensuring proper safety techniques, you will get by without injury.

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