Self-Storage or Portable Storage In San Diego—Count the Costs

If you are in the market for storage containers for rent, the biggest decision you will face is whether you should use a self-storage unit or a portable one. Let’s take a look at some of the costs you will want to think about before making your decision.

Things to Consider before Choosing Self Storage

At first glance, a portable unit seems to be more expensive than a self-storage unit. However, if you calculate costs associated with storage units in San Diego, you may find it advantageous to reconsider a portable unit. What are the associated costs?

Monthly Rates
It is astonishing how many $1 move-in advertisements there are in San Diego. If you are getting an extraordinary low price on storage, think again. After fees, surcharges and taxes, costs will exceed $50 for the first month. Succeeding monthly charges will make up for any discount received. Lastly, storage spaces that qualify for the $1 move-in fee are often limited.

Costs of Move
The costs of the move should be calculated as well. Rental truck and fuel costs are common expenditures that raise the costs of moving. Sometimes “free” rental trucks are offered, however, they most likely will have time constraints connected to their use. If you are unable to complete your move within the proposed time limit, you will have truck rental and fuel fees. Map out how long it will take you to travel to and from the storage facility and add how long it will take you to pack and unpack.

Personal Costs
After a long workweek, most of us do not want to spend half a day or more to move things to a storage facility. Often this cost is underestimated. The planning, time and energy used to move usually takes much longer than what is anticipated. Those who choose self-storage units usually will need to do the following:

  • Get transportation to the storage facility to pick up the rental truck (or drive and leave your car there)
  • Travel home and pack your items into the truck
  • Unload the rental truck and pack your things into the storage
  • Check in the rental truck back to the facility and travel home

Advantages of Portable Storage with CMS

Our clients bypass a lot of the headaches associated with self-storage by utilizing one of our mobile storage containers for rent. Our unit can be delivered to your home or business and can remain there during your leasing period. Therefore, many of the costs associated with moving are eliminated, especially the back-breaking work of double packing! With a portable storage you are able to move at your own pace without worrying about additional fees. Call us at 619.423.8645 and we’ll walk you through the best storage options for you.

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