Should You Worry About Heat and Humidity in Mobile Storage?

When you plan to use mobile storage in San Diego, it is natural to have concerns about the heat and humidity and other effects of the local climate on goods you are storing. With the right precautions, you should never have a problem with heat impacting your stored goods. Here is how we address the issue.

Protecting Against Heat and Humidity

The heavy-duty nature of steel containers is one of the most attractive features of our portable storage containers. They were made to cross the seven seas and endure the harshest conditions weather can present. After braving cold, wind, sleet, and rain, they return to the pleasant, warm climate of San Diego for an easier life.

The demands of storage in San Diego are nowhere near as heavy for these containers. Insulation inside the units and airflow vents keep your goods stored at a reasonable temperature in our secure locations. However, if you have special valuables you are storing, you should protect them against possibly extreme temperatures.

Special Storage Concerns for Valuable Objects

At Coronado Mobile Storage, we will walk you through the risks involved for any items you are concerned about storing. There are solutions for storing anything in our portable containers. Whether you are worried about a beautiful leather couch you need to put away for a year or some paintings you need to store during a renovation, we have the simple, convenient and secure solution for you.

Heat and humidity are a part of life in San Diego. Trust Coronado Mobile Storage to keep your personal items protected in any kind of weather. For more information or inquiries please contact us at 619-423-8645 or visit

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