Simple, Easy and Safe Portable Storage Spaces at Your Disposal

Portable Storage in San Diego
Moving from one place to another is something to anticipate. The reason for moving does not put into perspective when or how, but one thing it leaves nagging in our minds is what to do with all our stuff! Well… Why not look for a suitable storage in San Diego such as mobile storage units from Coronado Mobile Storage. At Coronado Mobile Storage, we offer you a simplified way of loading and keeping your property safe for as long as need be. We ensure that some of the factors you may consider when selecting a storage space are factored in our services. These elements include:


At Coronado Mobile Storage facilities, we ensure that the storage container is delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is load all of your items and goods, and issue instructions as to what to do with the goods. Should it be taken back to our facility or remain at your property for easier accessibility?


Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego is one of the safest mobile storage spaces available. All of our steel storage containers are 100% fire proof which ensures safe keeping of all of your belongings.


At Coronado Mobile Storage in San Diego , accessibility to your rented storage space is not hindered at any time of the day or night provided it’s in the normal operating hours of the facility.

If you are looking for a highly trusted and reputable storage unit facility in San Diego, then Coronado Mobile Storage is your answer. For further information or for a free quote please contact CMS at 619.423.8645 or visit

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