Simplify Your Summer with Self-Storage in San Diego

Did you miss Spring cleaning this year? If so, summertime is another great time to clear out your home and make some useful space.

While a storage unit can be extremely beneficial no matter what time of year it is, many people begin to realize just how much they stand to gain by investing in a one.

Reasons being:

  • Packing Away Winter Gear – Ready to get the sweaters, coats, and other wintertime gear out of your home? Regardless of whether you have an extensive wardrobe or just a few bulky items, you will be surprised at how much more closet space you will have when you pack away your belongings in a storage unit.
  • Extra Summertime Storage – Have a pool but not enough room for all of your accessories? If so, you can conveniently store them in a storage facility until you’re ready to use them. Once the season is over, you can even store your ladders, pool toys, and other pool accessories in your unit until next year.
  • Outdoor Entertainment – It isn’t uncommon for many homeowners to switch out the outdoor furniture depending upon what season it is. When it’s time to bring out the cushions and summer tables, chairs, and benches, a storage unit can be the perfect place to store whatever you don’t need.

For Climate-Controlled, Secure Units You Can Count on Coronado Mobile Storage

With a reputation for excellence, Coronado Mobile Storage can deliver everything that you need when it comes to storage in San Diego. Our storage units come to you, allowing you to personally pack your belongings as you like them to be kept. And, thanks to our easy accessibility, you will always have access to your belongings whenever you need.

For more information about our storage units and the areas we service please visit or contact us at 619.423.8645.

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