Storage Containers for Sale

Storage Containers for Sale
Here at CMS we often rent out our services for basic needs like moving and personal storage. However, if you’re in the market to purchase mobile storage containers then as of this month we have got you covered. Now we have a selection of used and “One Trip” containers that you can purchase for your business and professional endeavors.

Used Containers

These are 8′ x 20′ cargo containers that have been in the field but are still of great quality. All of our used containers come with a Marine Certificate survey. This accreditation verifies that the container is still in good shape and will function reliably. They may look like they have shown some age but they are definitely capable of handling cargo needs.

Not only would you be getting the cargo container but we’ll also be including a lock box to greatly enhance your security and protect your goods with bolt cutters. These containers also come outfitted with two large air vents on either side for standard air flow. You can find more information on our Sales page here.

“One Trip” Containers

CMS’s “One Trip” containers have only made one journey across the Pacific Ocean. These are containers that we have never rented or used in our storage facility in San Diego. They’re basically “like new.”

Our “One Trip” Containers don’t come with lock boxes like our regular used cargo containers, but you should always remember that we have several customization options you can add onto any container you wish to purchase from CMS. Lock boxes, interior paint jobs, framed vents and more can be added onto virtually any purchase. Be sure to visit our Custom Applications page for more details.

Coronado Mobile Storage has the solution for any storage need or problem you face. To learn more or for a free quote about our cargo containers or portable storage units please visit or contact CMS at 619.423.8645 with any questions.

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