Summer Storage

Summer is here! And frequently, that means it’s the season of moving, reorganizing, cleaning out the garage, etc. That means you may wind up with a lot of extra items on your hands that you simply do not want to part with right away. Either way, you need to make room for new things, right? That’s when you need a storage unit, and if you are looking for storage facilities in San Diego or surrounding areas, you need look no further than Coronado Mobile Storage.

Generally, after you are done cleaning out the garage, basement, or the attic, you then have to box all the items you decide to keep, haul them into your car and drive them to the storage unit. Once you have reached the storage unit, you then have to unpack your furniture, old stereo equipment, old drum set, or any items which you refuse to part with.

Once you have unpacked all of your furniture, you have to then turn around and drive all the way back home. And if there comes a day when you end up needing your things again, you have to repeat that whole process.

Doing summer cleaning is laborious work. The idea of having to transport all of your storage items to another facility is an even more tiresome task than the cleaning itself. The beauty of mobile storage in San Diego, Coronado, and other areas we service, is that we will come to you. There’s no reason for you to have to increase the amount of work it takes to create some space in your home. Let Coronado Mobile Storage make your summer vacation time go a little more smoothly. If you’re looking for storage units in Chula Vista, Pacific Beach, San Diego, and surrounding areas, give Coronado Mobile Storage a call today at 619.798.9638 or visit

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